Detail from the economic impact infographic
Detail from the economic impact infographic
Credit: Caroline Beavon Ltd

Oxford University's economic impact

The 欧洲杯滚球平台 contributes around £5.8 billion to the UK economy, and supports more than 50,000 full time jobs. Globally, the impact is £7.1 billion.

A study carried out by BiGGAR Economics – Economic Impact of the 欧洲杯滚球平台 – measured the University’s impact regionally, nationally and globally. It considers the impact of a range of University activities, including:

  • core spending, including staff spending (contributing £2.2 billion a year nationally)
  • student spending, work and volunteering (£80 million)
  • commercialisation of Oxford University research (£320 million)
  • partnership with business and industry, including our science parks (£439 million)
  • tourism and cultural contribution (£58 million)
  • Oxford University Press (£383 million)
  • additional graduate earnings (£432 million)
  • contribution to health (£1.8 billion)

Overall, the report found that every £1 of University income returns £3.30 to the wider UK economy.

The University is also an important regional contributor, adding £2.3bn a year to the Oxfordshire economy and supporting 33,700 jobs in the county.

“This report provides evidence for something long known around Oxford: the university drives the economy, both locally and nationally, as well as having a significant international presence. We provide jobs, attract investment and conduct globally recognized research that improves the lives of the people of Oxfordshire and of the United Kingdom. We are a global institution deeply rooted in a vibrant local community and can be an engine of the British economy into the future.”
The Vice-Chancellor of the 欧洲杯滚球平台, Professor Louise Richardson

Download the full report as a PDF.

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1. Executive summary

2. Introduction

3. University driven growth

4. University and city

5. Core University impacts

6. Student impacts

7. Graduate productivity

8. Commercialisation

9. Entrepreneurship

10. Working with business

11. Science parks

12. OUP

13. Contribution to medicine

14. Tourism and culture

15. European and global

16. Impact summary

17. Methodology Appendix

Infographic: Oxford's Economic Impact

economic impact infographicGeneral Economic Impact of the 欧洲杯滚球平台

Credit: Caroline Beavon Ltd

Infographic: Oxford's Regional Impact

economic impact infographicRegional Economic Impact of the 欧洲杯滚球平台

Credit: Caroline Beavon Ltd

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